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Purbeck U3A Creative Photography Flickr Site

A collection of Photographs Uploaded by Members of this Group

Amateur Photographer

Digital Photography Review

Cambridge in Colour

A Guardian Masterclass

Photo Techniques

Creative PhotoBook

Photography Blog

Julian Sawyer - Purbeck Footprints

Graduated Neutral Density Filters

An Introduction to Macro Photography

Simplicity in Seeing

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Video Tutorials on YouTube

How Can I Take Better Flash Photos?

Slow Sync Rear Curtain flash

Five Classic Lighting Positions for Portrait Photography

Five Portraiture Lighting Patterns

On-camera Fill Flash Basics

Camera Filters: 3 Different Effects

Capture Motion Blur


Macrophotography Tips Part 1

Macrophotography Tips Part 2

DIY Home Macro Studio Part 1

DIY Home Macro Studio Part 2

Composition Exercise Part 1

Composition Exercise Part 2

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