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The Story of the
Holton Heath, Dorset, UK
Royal Naval Cordite Factory

Tetryl (Trinitrophenylmethylnitramine)
Booster Explosive

Flashless Cordite

Flashless Cordite NF used a large proportion of picrite replacing some of the NG/NC but required the use of acetone in the mixing process.

With the requirement for flash reduced charges and lower barrel temperatures the development of a Flashless Propellant was actioned.
This MNF cordite included, as a replacement of some of the NC / NG paste, the chemical Nitroguanidine  (also made in a new series of buildings on the RNCF site) which, being water soluble, required a return to the previous solvent type mixing method.
After incorporation with some Acetone solvent, both Carbamite stabiliser and Sodium Cryolite were added and this mixed dough was extruded through dies using hydraulic presses and the acetone was driven off by drying on trays in heated stoves but the amount was not enough to justify a recovery process. This cordite would have smelt strongly of acetone in the Z ranges in WW2.