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The Story of the
Holton Heath, Dorset, UK
Royal Naval Cordite Factory

Establishment of AML
and Other Organisations

The Admiralty Materials Laboratory was responsible for research into metallurgy, rubber, plastics and chemicals for naval use.

AML opened in 1947 in part of the Royal Naval Cordite Factory at Holton Heath, Dorset. It was formed round a nucleus of staff from the factory control laboratory. Its work programme has consisted of research and some development on materials and chemical techniques for naval service in the fields of metallurgy, rubber and plastics, chemical technology, and general chemicals.

For some years it had a marine biological section also. Headquarters direction was provided by the Director of Materials Research until that directorate was abolished. In 1977 the Establishment became part of the Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment (AMTE), and still later part of the unified Admiralty Research Establishment.

Source: The National Archives, Kew