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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. I would like to try naturism but I’m very nervous and don’t know any naturists - how do I go about it?

A. There are many ways of starting out in naturism, whether you go along to an organised swim, a naturist health spa or to a naturist beach. Most landed clubs will encourage couples to join, and a few will allow a small number of singles, offering a free visit where they will show you around the facilities and allow you to decide if and when you want to undress. Official naturist beaches are a good place to try, but do be wary if you are a single female because not necessarily all of the occupants on public beaches are genuine naturists. There is a list of naturist venues - including singles-friendly venues - on the NUFF site and you may also like to visit British Naturism.

Q. I am worried that I might get an erection when I am nude in public and I don’t want to offend anybody.

A. A lot of men worry about this, but it is rarely a problem once you are actually there, seeing ordinary people doing ordinary things. If, however, you do find that you are becoming aroused, and don’t want to offend anybody, just cover it up with a towel, or if you are sunbathing roll over onto your front - and think about something else!! While it is a perfectly natural thing to have an erection if you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, it is not advisable to flaunt it or encourage it - particularly if you are at a landed club or naturist swim, where you would be quickly asked to leave if it was considered to be deliberately offensive.

Q. Are there any rules of etiquette in naturism which I should know about?

A. They are mostly unwritten rules of courtesy, but a few example are as follows:

Q. I am considering being a naturist but feel that I am too fat, too thin, have scars, have stretch marks, have a small penis, have small breasts, have large breasts, etc

A. Naturism is not about body image, it is about body acceptance. Genuine naturists will not be critical of your shape or size, they will accept you as a “whole person”. Human beings come in two basic types and we are all variations of those two themes, coming in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be an Adonis or a Page 3 model to become a naturist and once you are among other naturists, you will quite soon forget your scars or blemishes!

Q. How can I persuade my partner to become a naturist with me?

A. If they are interested in naturism but feel too shy, you could try persuading them to accompany you on an outing to a public clothing-optional beach, where they may feel that they would like to be naked if everybody else is, as long as they do not feel under any pressure to do so. Unfortunately, though, if they are not already inclined towards naturism, there is little that you can do other than giving them lots of encouragement in the hope that one day they will choose to try it and find that they too enjoy the wonderful feeling of freedom and liberation which we naturists experience (weather and temperature permitting, of course!).

And finally ...

Relax and enjoy the freedom of hairlessness and total nudity!

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