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John was the Organiser of the SCN Club (1996 - 2002) and is the Webmaster of this site (started in 1999).
He first conceived the idea of an exclusive club for nudists (both men and women) who depilate and who (if they are male) are circumcised also, in 1996. Due to his long term keenness on being a Smoothie, he is often referred to as ‘Smoothie John’.
The whole idea of a new nudist club called “Smooth and Cut Naturists” (SCN) evolved from John’s involvement with other clubs and groups over a period of some years which have concentrated on the positive aspects of members having removed body hair with all the advantages that it, and circumcision, bring. These include cleanliness, a smarter appearance when seen nude and a feeling of sheer openness - of concealing absolutely nothing when socialising with others.
Smoothie John has fair skin and a little very fine fair body hair which is easily removed by means of a daily shave (all over!) with an electric shaver to give a perfectly fresh and smooth appearance and an exceptionally soft feel to the touch.  Recently he has undergone a period of permanent hair removal by the modern Epilight technique. John was circumcised as a baby only a day or two old and firmly believes that circumcision is much better carried out at this age - before the organ grows larger and all sorts of complications can set in. Parents rightly make many decisions on behalf of their newly born infants and this is just one of those. (Another, for example, is the name by which the child will be known thereafter - and far more trauma may be caused to the child by poor choice of name as it grows up than that allegedly caused by circumcision.) Infant circumcision causes less scaring and the circumcised organ has been shown to be less likely to cause infection and disease both to its owner and his partner. Research in the UK and US has shown that, when asked, 85% of women prefer their male sexual partners to be circumcised.
John believes clothes are just for warmth and, if temperatures allow, should be discarded to let the air and sun (in moderation) to the skin. He has both depilated and been a keen nudist for over 30 years and, as well as running the SCN website, has belonged to naturist clubs in southern England. He was a member of Smoothie Club Leisure [see Links] and was a founder member of The Smoothie Club (TSC), the now defunct first UK club for Smoothies started in about 1990.
John is pleased that SCN has featured in Health & Efficiency [see Links] from time to time and that his club went from strength to strength since its inception. With much reluctance he decided to close the SCN club itself for a variety of reasons in the latter part of 2002.  
In January 1999 John designed Version 1.0 of this unique SCN Web Site. It is now so popular, with hundreds of visitors a day, that it is listed in the links of all the best and most respected naturist web sites worldwide, as well as all the major Internet Search Engines.  The website continues to evolve, promoting the original twin aims of male circumcision and the hairless body amongst nudists as well as the general acceptance tasteful (non-sexual) nudity in public places throughout the world.
About the SCN
Organiser & Webmaster
Although I unfortunately had to close my special club for UK Naturists / Nudists, SCN (specifically for Smooth Ladies and Smooth and Circumcised Gentlemen) some while back, my keenness of both these bodily aspects remains unabated.
If you similarly prefer to be without body hair (and, if male, if you are also circumcised) like me, why not be open about it and spread the word by telling your friends?
I am lucky enough to be situated in Dorset on the south coast of England (near Studland naturist beach) but you can enjoy naturism in many places here in the UK and around the world.  Go on - give it a try!
But, even better, if you are not already a Smoothie, you will enjoy the clean look (and feel!) by removing unwanted and ugly body hair.  I did it years ago and have never regretted it!  I was also circumcised at birth (for non religious and non medical reasons), which in my view is quite the best time, and can recommend the looks and far better hygiene from which the circumcised male (and his partner) benefits.
These days many more nudists (and "textiles") are enjoying the benefits of being Smooth - perhaps, I like to think, as a result of seeing this site!   So, go on, give it a try and be one of us!
Note: SCN is a pro-circ group so discussion about the merits of circumcision will not be entered into.
Smoothie John’s
Point of View