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The Female View
Ladies … The Smooth look is for you too!
Throw that Bikini away and enjoy the freedom of being nude and smooth!
We hope to dispel any initial fears you may have about naturism and persuade you ladies that the smooth, nude, look is for you too!
Wendy tells you below of her secret fascination for naturism from her teenage years, and her subsequent liking of being smooth and the enjoyment of friendships she made by joining the SCN club.
If you are smooth but have not yet been in a socially nude environment and are understandably apprehensive about it please read Wendy’s story …
I became a naturist early in 2000 after I came across the SCN Website and discovered to my joy that I wasn’t alone in preferring the look and feel of having no pubic hair. I have been a "smoothie" intermittently since the early 1980s, but constantly since early in 1999, and intend to remain a smoothie for as long as I can wield my electric shaver!
I had been secretly fascinated by naturism since my teenage years, one memorable time being when I was swimming alone in the sea. Although I didn’t have the courage to remove my swimming costume entirely, I pulled it down to below my waist just so that I could get as close as possible to the feeling of swimming nude. At that time, however, I was extremely self-conscious and totally lacking in confidence. I would have been terrified to remove my swimming costume altogether in case I lost it and had to walk up the beach wearing nothing but a very red face! After having children later on, which took its toll on my body, I was always self-conscious about being overweight and so badly scarred with stretch-marks, although I now realised that I need not have worried as naturists really don't worry about scars or blemishes.
I had decided to look into naturism further I contacted John, the SCN Organiser, to find out a little bit more about naturism in general and SCN in particular. He assured me that genuine naturists are not critical of each other’s bodies and that naturism is not about body image, but about body acceptance. I was very apprehensive about my first encounter with public nudity, so John very kindly offered to take me to Rio’s Naturist Health Spa in Kentish Town [See Links Page]. We met up initially in a clothed environment to introduce ourselves and talk about naturism and the SCN club, then arranged for a day when we would meet up for my naturist debut!
When the day arrived, I had lost my earlier nervousness, probably due to the fact that I had already met John and had seen photos of him on the SCN website, so it didn’t feel at all strange seeing him naked in person. Within a very short space of time I forgot that I was naked and found the whole experience to be relaxing and very enjoyable - particularly the Jacuzzi which is my favourite!  I also had my first experience of swimming completely naked in the little pool - and it was well worth waiting for!  I went home very much on a "high", and immediately emailed all my new naturist friends to tell them what a wonderful time I’d had. Of course, they already knew the pleasures of social nudity and were very pleased that I had enjoyed myself so much.
The next SCN Club Event was only a week later, at The Kingfisher Naturist Sun club in Lightwater, Surrey. As I was being introduced to the SCN members present, I recognised most of the faces from the pictures on the Events pages of this website and they all gave me a very warm and friendly welcome. John ensured that another lady member was present as it was my first event with the club. The conversation was varied, consisting mostly of computers and naturist venues, while some people disappeared into the sauna every now and then. I felt very comfortable in their company, but one thing made me stand out from the others: my skin was very white, whereas most of the others sported all-over tans!! We ladies then plucked up courage to try the heated outdoor pool, although it was extremely cold, but only a couple of the men felt brave enough to join us! I really enjoyed the whole event and returned home feeling as if I had spent quality time with old friends. They even laughed at some of my jokes, so they apparently had a good sense of humour too!
Since my initial experiences I have been to many other naturist venues and have begun to work on that all-over tan. I have now been to Costa Natura in Spain and Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, as well as visiting Brighton, Studland, Fairlight and Eastney beaches, Rio’s and Silverleigh health spas, Spielplatz Naturist Club near St Albans, Herts, and Sunglen Naturist Club near Ashford in Kent. Some members also invited SCN to hold Club Events in their own homes, including one member who has his own swimming pool.
My whole life has changed since I took those first steps to becoming a naturist and I have made countless friends, both in person and by email. SCN was an ideal club for me as we visited several different venues around the country, meeting up with many of the same familiar faces, but also some new ones. It's so sad that SCN had to close after five or six successful years.
SCN members were a mixed group of people of all ages, walks of life, shapes and sizes, and were great fun to be with. The only other thing which I found rather sad was that there apparently aren’t as many ladies brave enough to take the plunge and try the naturist lifestyle. There is nothing to compare with the feeling of lying naked on a beach in the hot sunshine with a gentle breeze cooling your skin, alongside other like-minded people. Naked swimming is also a wonderful experience and when I go swimming to my local baths for exercise I now rather resent having to don a clingy swimming costume!
I feel sure that I can’t be the only woman around who has had a secret desire to try naturism, but just needs the opportunity and a helping hand to get started.  Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page which give you further information about Smooth Naturism.
Go on … take the plunge and be a Smoothie!