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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. For how long was SCN running?

A. The SCN Club was started in 1996 with this Web Site being launched in January 1999.  The Website was run independently of the Club (which had strict Rules of conduct and was available only to residents of the UK). The Organiser made the decision to close the Club after six successful years at the end of 2002, but this Website continues, promoting the original aims of the Club.

Q. What went on at SCN events?

A. SCN events were held at public or private venues, where like-minded naturists gathered to enjoy pleasant conversation, sunbathing, swimming, saunas, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, picnics, boules, miniten, barbecues and quizzes to name but a few.  Popular topics of conversation were naturism, methods of hair removal - and computers! At all events members were expected to be nude and happy in a socially nude environment.

Q. Why do you insist on men being “cut”?

A. Although currently regarded by some as an emotive issue, we at SCN firmly believe that the circumcised penis is aesthetically more pleasing for various reasons - hygiene and looks (as naturists) being just two - particularly when it is not surrounded by what we, as smoothies, consider to be unsightly pubic hair.  It is this extra requirement that makes SCN unique.  We are not saying that all other men must be circumcised but just suggesting that if you are, and you’re smooth and a naturist, you'll enjoy being part of our community even more!

Q. How do I get information on circumcision?

A. SCN currently holds no information on either the methods of circumcision or the clinics and their practitioners who perform the operation.  We suggest that you consult your own doctor to ask if he will refer you to a clinic for assessment and advice.  You can be circumcised at any age but all men who were successful in their application for membership of SCN would have been 'cut' well before joining.  There are many web sites about circumcision: our Links page shows a few.

Q. What do you mean by "fully circumcised" in the qualifications to join?

A. Full circumcision involves the complete removal of any foreskin, leaving the glans (penis head) fully exposed at all times.  The frenulum (underneath) may have also been removed, but this is not essential as long as it is small.  Merely for a man to wear his foreskin back does not qualify him!  Female members were naturally not required to have been circumcised - just to be pubically smooth!

Q. Was SCN only for men?

A. Not at all! SCN was a mixed club but we were sadly short of females due to the fact that in naturism itself more men want to be naturists than women. We would like to have encouraged more ladies (and m/f couples) to join us to balance out the numbers as we were a friendly crowd, as those women who did join were delighted to see! The continued absence of a realistic balance between the sexes was one reason for the closure of the SCN Club.

Q. Why did you insist on members attending events frequently?

A. SCN was a social club for meetings (it was not a correspondence club), so we wanted to encourage members to join in at as many of our meetings as they could attend, otherwise there was little point in joining in the first place!  The increasing number of members who failed to attend meetings and events that we organised (some often very close to them) was a major reason for the decision to close the SCN Club.  But for this apathy amongst a high percentage of members, SCN Club may well have continued!

Q. We only wanted to join a club where we can meet other couples.

A. SCN was about meeting up with other naturists, and gender was not an issue at any of our meetings, although we would like to have seen more of a balance between the sexes to prevent SCN from becoming too male-dominated. The more couples who stayed away for this reason, the more the imbalance was perpetuated. Note: SCN was definitely not a Swingers' Club!

Q. How often did you meet?

A. About once or twice a month - sometimes even more often in the summer - it varied according to season, availability of venues etc.

Q. Was there any sexual activity at SCN meetings?

A. Certainly not - none of our meetings was sexually-orientated. Any intimate activity between members was conducted strictly in private and away from meetings. The SCN Rules stated that good conduct was expected at all meetings, and anybody thought to be behaving offensively would be requested to leave and forfeit their SCN membership. In practice SCN members respected others present and such occurrences were very rare indeed.

Q. What is the best method for being smooth and how do you maintain it?

A. This varies with each individual, but it is entirely up to you to find the method which suits you, and how often you wish to redo it. If you can afford it, you can have hair permanently removed. If not, you could just invest in a good razor or electric shaver and maintain your smoothness as often as you wish. Some people shave daily while others are content to shave 2-3 times a week, depending on the speed and density of the re-growth. A list of methods of depilation has been compiled separately - see Hair Removal Methods.

Q. How do I join SCN?

A. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the SCN Club has now been closed after six successful years.  We are sorry to disappoint prospective members but feel that a positive decision had to be made. This Website, promoting the twin aims of the SCN Club (smooth naturists with male naturists being circumcised as well as being bodily smooth) will continue and flourish, and will be the focus point of our aims.  Additionally we wish to promote the tolerance of tasteful (non-sexual) nudity in public places such as beaches, parks and gardens.  Please share your views and experiences with other visitors to this site by posting in our Guest Book.

And finally ...

Relax and enjoy the freedom of hairlessness and total nudity!