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Past SCN Events
Many SCN Events were held over the five year period 1996 to 2002 ...

SCN Events were held in England, UK, (about 60% in the southeast, reflecting the geographical membership profile) and it was a condition of membership that all members must attend as many Events per year as possible to retain membership. It is for this reason that, unfortunately, it was not possible to offer membership of SCN to ‘qualifying’ naturists from outside the United Kingdom. All Events were mixed (i.e. both male and female members could, and did, attend) unless specified otherwise.

SCN Events were organised throughout the year at a wide variety of venues, both inside and (in the warmer summer weather) outside also. Except on rare occasions (when members were told beforehand), SCN Members were expected to be nude at all meetings - and to conduct themselves with consideration for other members and, at shared events hosted by other organisations, all the other people present too.

Up to about thirty Events were organised per year (at least two or three a month in the summer), about half of which were exclusive to SCN members. Some were shared with our sister organisation SCL (see Links) and some were naturist events (such as swims and walks) held under the auspices other naturist groups.

Our exclusive meetings were often hosted by some of our members who generously opened their homes up to us for a day or an evening. Amongst these have been socials, massage evenings, photographic evenings and a day of sport and swimming at the home of a member who has a private swimming pool. We also booked naturist bed and breakfast accommodation for a weekend which included plenty of time to enjoy the Jacuzzi and sauna to be found there plus lots of good food! One weekend each autumn we booked a whole hotel in Blackpool (in northwest England), sometimes coinciding with the world famous Illuminations - to be seen with clothes on unfortunately, of course!  We repeated this very successful and popular event for four years. Previously we had a most enjoyable nude social in an English pub where even the barman stripped off (see below) and were given a demonstration of naked Yoga by one of our members.

Brighton’s naturist beach was an attractive summer venue for SCN members and we also brought members together for a demonstration of the latest permanent hair removal techniques. Together with SCL (see Links), we have had relaxing evenings at a Health Suite in the Midlands and we have joined the SOC (see Links) on some of their country walks during the summer.  SCN members have also had group visits to naturist destinations abroad. For example Costa Natura, Spain, and Cap d'Agde, France.  Some enterprising SCN members even had a Smooth Nude Greek Island Sailing Holiday - see Greek Cruise.

SCN Members Enjoying Club Events
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