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Wareham, Dorset, United Kingdom
Wareham Town Museum
Museum Exhibits & Displays
The history of human occupation of the Wareham area goes back several hundred thousand years. The museum displays objects which range from this period up to the post-medieval period.

Of particular interest is the collection of pottery made in the Wareham area during the Roman period, and a reconstruction of a pottery kiln found at the site of Bestwall near Wareham.

Late Iron Age beaded bowls (c150 BC) from Wareham

< Iron Age pole lathe used for shale working  

There is also a reconstruction of an Iron Age pole lathe used for the manufacture of shale objects. This featured on the Channel 4 programme Time Team in February 2004, being used to make a shale armlet. See slide show below …
Museum display - kiln Museum display Museum display - Iron Age bowls Museum display - Pole lathe