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Wareham, Dorset, United Kingdom
Wareham Town Museum Lawrence of Arabia T E Lawrence Lawrence of Arabia T E Lawrence on Brough Motorcycle
In 1915 Turkey allied herself with Germany in the Great War. The Turkish Ottoman Empire had ruled the middle east for centuries. This alliance threatened Britain’s lifeline to the Empire: the Suez Canal.
T E Lawrence was a young Military Intelligence officer with prewar knowledge of Arabia and Arab culture. He devised a plan to amalgamate the Bedouin tribes and led a successful revolt against their Turkish oppressors.
Lawrence’s exploits earned him fame and respect, but the refusal of European politicians to allow Arab autonomy left Lawrence feeling betrayed and embittered. After the war he sought anonymity by changing his name and rejoining the army.
Wareham Town was visited regularly by T E Lawrence during his latter years when he was living at Clouds Hill, his retreat near Bovington, and Wareham Town Museum has devoted a special section to Lawrence with important documents and other exhibits connected with his full and fascinating life.
Lawrence of Arabia
T. E. Lawrence, 1888 - 1935
Museum T E Lawrence display
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In 2006 some of the Wareham Town Museum volunteers completed a 62 minute documentary T E Lawrence - His Final Years in Dorset with the help and knowledge of local people. It explored the final years of Lawrence’s life in Dorset and included the events leading up to his untimely death on one of his beloved Brough motorcycles in 1935.

Due to the past sales and great success of our DVD, Wareham Town Museum has made major improvements to its Lawrence exhibition.

We are pleased to report that our hour long video, considerably updated to widescreen and modern technical standards, has now been released for you to see in its entirety. Just click the video link below.

T E Lawrence - His Final Years in Dorset - Video cover T E Lawrence's cottage - Clouds Hill