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Wareham, Dorset, United Kingdom
Wareham Town Museum
Museum Exhibits & Displays
Museum display Dinosaur Dinosaur Dinosaur
There are samples of rocks and fossils from the varied rock types of Purbeck. Many of these rocks outcrop on the coast (the Jurassic Coast) which forms part of the recently designated Dorset and Devon World Heritage Coast.
There are also displays on the area’s geological and mineral resources, clay, oil and gravel.
Museum display - Dinosaur footprint Museum display - Dinosaur footprint
The Dinosaur footprint below has been identified as being made by a juvenile Iguanodon.  It would grow to 10 metres in length in adulthood, was a vegetarian and could run on two or four legs.  A notable feature is a thumb-spike (see above), perhaps used for fighting.  Iguanodons are believed to have lived in herds like elephants.
The Jurassic Period began 200 million years ago and lasted for about 55 million years.  In this period Dinosaurs dominated the land.   Dinosaur footprints and trails have been found in many of the stone quarries in Purbeck.
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