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Wareham, Dorset, United Kingdom
Wareham Town Museum Photo: Ben Buxton Ghost Walk
11th August 2015
Our photo shows ghosts and other characters from the Ghost Walk
Some 70 folk attended the Wareham Town Museum Ghost Walk and over £200 was raised for the museum Saxon Sword Display project.
Grand Re-Opening of
Wareham Town Museum
Good Friday 2015
Above: One of five Saxon coins minted in Wareham. It shows the head of Aethelred 11, King of England between 978 and 1016. The coins on display in the museum were found in Scandinavia, where they were taken by Vikings who were bribed by the English to stop their attacks on England.
Right: Juratyrant: fossil remains found in coastal rocks at Kimmeridge, Dorset, have been identified as a new species, Juratyrant. It was a carnivore, and smaller than its descendant, Tyrannosaurus rex. It was partly feathered.
Model & photo >
Dougal Dixon
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Photo Gallery of the
Re-Opening …
John Smith &
Pam Bowyer-Davis
Dorset Archaeological Awards - 16th October 2015
Heather Scharnhorst
< Museum Curator
Ben Buxton and
Mayor Cllr Dina Adkins
welcome visitors
Guest of honour:
Historian Julian Richards >
Ben Buxton, Assistant Curator & Curator of Collections, Wareham Town Museum, conducted a guided walk around historic Wareham as part of the nationwide Festival of Archaeology (12th - 27th July 2014).

Wareham is the best preserved Saxon walled town in England, with a
history dating back to Roman times and beyond.

The walk started from Wareham Quay and ended in Wareham Town Museum where the Wareham Saxon sword was on display during 2014.
Guided Walk around Wareham, 22nd July 2014 Build a Lego Dinosaur Saturday 30th August 2014
Time:  10.00 - 11.30 am (first workshop)
           2.00 - 3.30 pm (second workshop)
Where: Wareham Corn Exchange
The cost of the workshop is £10.00 per booking
Pre-booking recommended to office@wareham-tc.gov.uk
Suitable for ages 7 - 11 upwards.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Each child gets a Lego Brick-o-saurus
      (which cannot be bought in the shops!)
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